The Problem

There’s no shortage of useful models and tools available to business leaders. 

When applied correctly, they can really help your business grow. 

Yet, I rarely see them being used effectively by business owners and their leadership teams.

Instead, they’re stuck on a hamster wheel:

Their working life is a never-ending, exhausting cycle of working ‘in the business’, interspersed with sporadic, half-hearted attempts to work ‘on the business’.

The Growth Probability Matrix is designed to help.

Business person stuck on hamster wheel

The Symptoms

Blinkered View
Do you have a blinkered view of your business?

I often hear owners and directors raving about a new book or course on leadership, growth or innovation. Other times, they’ve spent some time away from the office with a peer or mentor who has suggested ways to improve sales, marketing, operations or employee engagement.

Whatever the trigger, their brief step back from the business has left them focused and fired up to make the changes needed to deliver sustainable growth.

Almost without fail, 3 months later, the day-to-day challenges dominate, the urgent has overtaken the important, the blinkers are back on and that fleeting moment of clarity and objectivity has been lost!

I’ve been as guilty as any of falling into this trap.

The Diagnosis

Trying to work ‘on the business’ is a bit like being on a diet. 

There’s an overwhelming amount of advice out there on how to eat well, lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Yet how many of us fail to achieve these goals? 

We get stuck in an endless cycle; wasting time and money on celebrity-endorsed fads or searching for that ‘silver bullet’ from family, friends or the latest, self-proclaimed guru.

It’s the same when it comes to improving our business. We’re so overloaded with advice, it’s difficult to know where to start. 

And whenever we do commit to a new tool or idea, adopting it proves impossible due to the daily pressures of running the business. 

A more systemic approach is needed.

Diets are unsustainable
Crash diets rarely work; it’s virtually impossible to integrate them into a sustainable daily routine.

The Solution

Growth Probability Matrix

I designed the Growth Probability Matrix™ to support a new, simple routine for you and your leadership team.

The Matrix is easy to remember and explain. It acts as a filter; cutting out the noise whilst helping you focus on the two fundamental levers that will improve your chances of success.

In doing so, it draws an important distinction between the Growth Potential of your business and the ability of the senior team to unlock this potential through Effective Execution.

Your position on the Matrix is determined by thirteen (not thirty!) Growth Probability Indicators (GPIs): each GPI being an important predictor of business success.

It is much easier to recall than a long ‘To-Do’ list or a complex set of charts. When shared with your leadership team, it helps you discuss, and ultimately align behind, a deliberately uncomplicated view of where your business stands today.

Whether you are “Missing the Boat” or “Heading Off Course” or even “All at Sea”, a well-aligned leadership team can prioritise actions to do something about it!

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